Hotels in Ha Tien Town

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Being dubbed as miniature of Ha Long, with beautiful landscapes of characterized fairies, Ha Tien is one of the most interesting points must be experienced.

Hotels in Ha Tien Town

Hotels in Ha Tien Town

Ha Tien – one of the unforgettable sightseeing points of Kien Giang Province, where many Southern-tyical attractive untouched scenic gather. Each has her own special beauty with special shade. Coming to Ha Tien, you will admire spirit of a characterized fairy lands with many heroic relics, ancient pagodas associated to legends… Moreover, relaxing is one of the concerns of many tourists. System of standard hotels reassure travelers in that demand. Some of the most reliable hotels in Ha Tien: Light Mountain Resort ( Núi Đèn ).

ROOP TYPE Number of sharer Price in VND
 TWIN BED  (5 rooms) 2 500.000
 Double bed (7 rooms) 2 500.000
 Triple bed (8 rooms ) 3 550.000
 2 queen bed room (2 rooms) 600.000

Nui Den resort own 12.5 hectares with 22 bungalows and 78 rooms up to 3 star-standard. Nui Den resort also provides tourists with entertainment, tennis court, swimming pool, sea-sport, mountain climbing,… to fulfill the large demand of travelers. 

Hotel and Restaurant Ha Tien Viet is located in the center of Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. Ha Tien Viet Hotel has a prime location: only 100 m to the Shopping Mall, easily for tourists patrolling around the market and buy to burn the last coins; and only 5 km to the International Border Gate to Cambodia.
Ha Tien Viet is one step of 5.5 km to Ha Tien Vegas, the Paradise for entertainment; of 4.5 km to Thach Sanh Cave (Thach Dong ) – an absolutely beautiful cave associated with the Legand Thach Sanh – Ly Thong, story of friendship between a good and a bad….
Ha Tien Viet Restaurant graded to 2 star with large yard and elevator, strong wifi roaming, 24/24 security. All rooms are well-facilities with hot water, bathtub, cable TV, minibar,…


Hai Phuong Hotel at 52 Dang Thuy Tram Road, Binh San Ward, Ha Tien Town is also very well-known with service style and for her 5 storey building consists of well-equipped 22 rooms with air-conditioner, hot water, TV, minibar, telephone, wifi, elevator, free parking valet and free accommodation for tour guide … All make the safety and comforts to every guests. 

Room type Number of guest Weekday  Price Weekend Price
 Room with 1 queen bed 2 pax 300.000đ 350.000đ
Room with 2 beds 4 pax 500.00 550.00
Room with 3 beds 6 pax 600.000đ 650.000đ
Room with 4  beds 8 pax 800.000đ 850.000đ

Kim Có Hotel is also considered one of the most beautiful and safety relaxing shelters for tourists. Kim Co consist of 12 luxury, cozy and elegant  interior decoration rooms. Kim Co professional friendly staff affirm an utmost comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Room type Number of sharers Price in VND
 Twin bedded room 2 450.000
 Queen bed room 2 300.000
 Triple bedded room 3 500.000
3 queen bedded room 6 600.000
Du Hung hotel is proud of being one of the best hotel products in Ha Tien Town, allocated in the center of the town, near the market and very near the sea. Du Hung hotel with open space and large area owns 25 fully equipped rooms: air-conditioner, hot water, TV, minibar, elevator, telephone, car parking lot… Du Hung hotel supplies customers with ticketing services on flights, buses and boats. Enthusiastic and thoughtful staff team will surely make every single guests happy. 

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Being proud of serving customers with utmost care, high quality services, good reputation, Ha Tien Hotel offer travelers all comforts and joys. 32 well equipped rooms with luxury decoration will accommodate travelers in large size group. Ha Tien staff team and management board also recognize the importance of smiles and friendliness to increase the quality of service day by day. Contact: 36 Tran Hau Street, Dong Ho Ward, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang.
Stories, historical heritage and legend of Ha Tien land is endlessly to make you surprise to surprise. Ha Tien Land invites and  provokes your  curiosity to explore her own beauty and legends.
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