Motorbike Rental Service In Ha Tien

Motorbike Rental Service In Ha Tien
We provide motorbike rental services in Ha Tien town including: scooters and motorbikes, wave, dream, Attila, nouvo, airblade…. with simple car rental procedures (just need ID card, Passport, sign receipt). There is a car delivery program for customers in the inner city. With a quick procedure, motorbike renters only need to leave their ID card or passport for us to be able to rent a car for a long time without having to leave a deposit.

Motorbike rental price in Ha Tien
– Scooter depending on type, price from: 150,000 – 200,000 VND/day, depending on the type of vehicle
– Vehicles with a number of different types with prices from: 150,000 – 200,000 VND/day, depending on the type of vehicle

Procedures for renting a motorbike in Ha Tien:
– Customers leave ID card or Passport so that when returning the car, they will receive it without deposit

How to rent a motorbike:
– Customers just need to call Hotline: 0796.223.223 Quang

 To request the type of car to rent, the number of cars, the price agreement, the car delivery address.
– When the customer has agreed on the price, the car hirer will drive to the new place for the guest and receive the customer's identification document.

Troubleshooting when renting a car:
– Guests must have a driver's license, if the traffic police check and do not have it, the customer is responsible
- If the car is damaged, scratched or caused by the driver, the customer must pay according to the agreement
– The car is damaged due to the fault of the car, the owner will be responsible and change another car for the customer
- Gasoline for driving, please pour yourself
– Car owner helmets provide 2 pieces/piece

Hotline: 0796.223.223 Quang